Senegal inclusive packages

Is a country in western Africa that is south of the Senegal River. The Atlantic Ocean is to the west. Mauritania is to the north, Mali to the east, and Guinea-Bissau and Guinea to the south. The country completely surrounds The Gambia with the exception of Gambia’s small coastline on the Atlantic. Senegal’s area is 197,000 sq. km. and the population is estimated at over 16,619,225 million (2019). There are two seasons, the rainy and the dry.

The capital, Dakar, is on the country’s westernmost tip on the Cap-Vert peninsula. The Cape Verde Islands are approximately 300 miles off the coast. Trading areas were established on the coast during colonial times. St. Louis was French Western Africa’s capital before it moved to Dakar in 1902. In 1960, Dakar also became the capital of Senegal after independence from France.

3 Days/2 Nights Pink Lake/Saint-Louis/Djoudj Park/Barbarie

3 Days/2 Sine Saloum Delta

4 Days / 3 Ecology in Saloum Delta

4 Days / 3 Nights Niokolo Koba National Park

9 Days/8 Nights Casamance by boat from dakar

9 Days/8 Nights Niokolo Koba /Bedik Country/Little Coast

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